In other religions, this is the page that would be called "testimonials" or "witnessing." Unitarian Universalists, or "UU's" tend to shy away from anything that implies proselytizing or trying to convert someone. So we'll just call this "Why" -- why so many people are finding a home in a UU congregation:

"For us, we sought out a church when we had kids. We wanted some kind of religious education for them, and a community that would support us, as a family. We found it in Unitarian Universalism. Our kids learn not only about this particular faith, but also about Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Humanism, earth-centered religions -- well, the list goes on. They learn that each person is valued. This religion affirms our belief that a person should be valued for who they are, and not their ethnicity, gender, sexuality or which God they believe in. This is the religion I've always been -- I just didn't know it!"

"My belief in God has changed during my life, according to new things I've learned or experiences I've had. But my religion remains the same. Unitarian Universalism encompasses it all."




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